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Skadar (Basic)

Skadar Lake is the largest lake on the Balkan  Peninsula, and the largest freshwater lake in the Balkans. The lake is named by the city of Shkoder (Scutari) in northern Albania. The origin of the name comes from the Greek word "Skoutari".Skadar Lake National Park covers 40,000 ha, of which 391 km2 belong to Montenegro. Skadar Lake is surrounded by stunning mountains of Montenegro Lovcen, Sutorman, Rumia and Tarabos on the south side. Rumia rises above the city of Bar. Skadar Lake is one of the largest lakes in Europe, especially when the water level is high, it contains 40 different species of fish, 280 species of birds such as the famous "White Pelican". Skadar Lake also hides 15 medieval Orthodox monasteries which are fascinating spiritual nest through history testifies to the rich and turbulent history of medieval Zeta and Montenegro. Some of the medieval monastery located on Lake Skadar have a significant part of history, and these are: Monasteries Beska, Starcevo, Moracnik, St. Nikola and Monastery Kom.


at lake Skadar

 The National Park is home to the great wealth of plants on the ground or in the lake, and large numbers of animal species, which makes a huge

untouched nature reserve.The site is important for many birds migrating betweenEurope and Africa, the site of Skadar Lake has 264 species of birds, some of which areendangered, such as the Dalmatian Pelican. 



Skadar Lake as a national park is the largest lake in the Balkans. When we talk about the beauty of nature, it is difficult to find words to describe all the wealth that is hidden in this lake. There are many reasons why it is worth a visit for its natural beauty.
To experience its natural beauty, one of the best suggestions and just cruise. During the cruise, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the oasis of untouched nature.

Visits the many islands and small fishing villages:
Churches, Monasteries most notably: Starcevo, Beska and Kom, and including small islets of which is the most important island "Grmozur" (Old Otoman Prison).


One of the challenges is to cruise to Rijeka Crnojevica (the old royal capital of Montenegro), enjoy the natural beauty, pass through river channels, to experience the enchanting beauty Fjord (Paul's side).


And on the other side:
"Karatuna" river (narrow and winding, crystal clear water, shallow to 20 cm, with both sides covered with shrubs, reeds, which hides the nest more species of birds). This river takes you on an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the history of Montenegro, with visits to the old villages and small towns of the old dynasty Crnojevic.


In terms of history, we must not ignore the medieval bridge and small town Virpazar, which is prone to a variety of events, of which the most traditional festival "Wine and Fish (Bleak)", which is organized every year in mid-December.
Besides enjoying the natural beauty - beautiful landscapes the visitors have the opportunity to taste the most varied fish dishes, traditional cuisine (the oldest culinary recipes), as well as the best local wines with areas Crmnica.


And for all enthusiasts of natural beauty are: Birdwatching and fishing on the lake.






The central area of the Skadar Lake, a natural oasis of flora and fauna, old villages, rivers, bridges. Places to visit: -Karatuna river -Manastery Kom -Old Village Dodosi -Old Town of Zabljak Crnojevic -The bay of Karuc old village Flora -Water Flower "Lotos" FAUNA: -The Fishes: Bleak -The Birds: Cormorant, white and gray Heron, wild duck.



The northern part of the Skadar Lake, a natural oasis of flora and fauna, with many islands, bays and river channels. In the northern part of the lake, you are able to visit: Places to visit: -Vranjina -Lesendro peninsula -The Church of St. Giorgie -Poseljani village -Fiord Rijeka Crnojevic -Old Town of Rijeka Crnojevic FLORA: -Water Flower "Lotos" FAUNA: -The Fishes: Carp, Trout, Bleak. -The Birds: Pelican, Cormorant, Grey Heron and White, Wild Duck.

The southern part of Lake Skadar, are generally the most beautiful part of the lake and represents: Places to visit: -Virpazar (Center Lake Skadar) -Grmozur Island -An Old Village Seoce -An Old fishing village "Radus" -An Old Village Krnjice -Monastery Starcevo (Island) -Monastery Beska (Island) -Monastery Moracnik (Island) FLORA: -Water Flower "Lotos" FAUNA: -The Fishes: Carp, trout, Bleak. -The Birds: Pelican, Cormorant, Grey and White Heron, Wild Duck.

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